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A mom and daughter play video games together at home

Gaming is a great hobby and escape, but gaming on slow internet can be frustrating. From novices to seasoned gamers, we recommend fiber-optic internet to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. 

Why Choose a Fiber-Optic Network?

The biggest selling point for fiber-optic internet is speed. It is the fastest type of internet available on the market. Fiber doesn’t use copper wires like DSL internet or television coaxial cables like cable internet. 

Instead, fiber internet connectivity is wired exclusively for you. Fiber uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data from Ironton Internet and Telephone’s office directly to your home, which means you don’t have to share with neighbors or other gamers. 

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Ironton Fiber Internet features enhanced 4K content, so you can have a truly immersive gaming experience. Fiber internet connectivity is wired exclusively for you, which means that your internet connection is going to remain consistently fast and reliable. There is also the added bonus of a faster ping time between requests.

Gone are the days of low latency gaming. There is nothing more frustrating than your computer lagging after you press a button, losing your game. Fiber internet operates at lighting-fast speeds, so your computer will respond quickly and accurately to your commands. 

Fast Download Speeds

No one wants to wait hours upon hours for a game to download, especially when some games take over 30 hours to download. Fiber-optic internet gives gamers the fastest download and upload speeds available so you can start playing as soon as possible. 

Multi-user Friendly

Ironton Fiber Internet is great for households of gamers who like to game at the same time or play while they stream because of the added bandwidth. Our speeds won’t let you lag, experience network disruptions, or play through grainy graphics. 

The increased bandwidth of fiber-optic internet eliminates data cap limits, so you are free to play as long as you like. 

We offer four fiber internet plans so that you can get the level of connectivity you need. Our residential fiber internet packages boast up to 1 GIG by 500Mbps for our advanced package for serious gamers. 

Make the Switch

Home internet can be better and faster without breaking the bank. Explore Ironton Internet and Telephone’s fiber internet services to choose the package that is right for you and your family.