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Please Note
Ironton Global does not repair third-party telephone equipment, Network Equipment, or ISP issues. A service fee will be charged for any problems with 3rd party SIP devices, telephone systems, network-related equipment, or inside wiring at your residence or business. While it is recommended to use a qualified electrician or telephone technician for installation, troubleshooting, and/or repairs, you may follow the steps listed below to troubleshoot on your own.

Before You Call

All dispatches are subject to a $50 truck roll fee and hourly rate of $105hr, a minimum of half an hour. A tech support representative will assist in determining if the issue being reported could be considered inside wiring and subject to the rates above. Below are some commonly reported issues to help determine if the issue being reported is considered inside wiring.

*Testing directly at the NID with an analog phone will confirm if the issue is isolated to inside wiring or with Ironton facilities*.

  • If your cordless phone displays “no line” please check the following:
    • Confirm the phone line is securely plugged into the base unit.
    • If available, check a different type of phone either at the same jack or at another jack located in the house. If there is a dial tone present at the same jack with a different phone, this confirms it is a phone issue.
    • If there is no dial tone at the same jack, try swapping out the base cord that connects the phone to the wall jack. If a dial tone is still not present, then we suggest checking at the NID. (See below)
  • The above steps can be taken to prove if static is isolated to the phone you are using, the jack you are connected to, or occurring at the NID.

Open a Technical Support Ticket

Our automated ticketing system will respond with a ticket number for correspondence.