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Network Quality

Testing The Telephone Service

NID Cover

  • Stop SignBefore working on your phone lines, please read and understand the CAUTIONS.
  • Connection and Testing instructions are printed on the inside of the NID customer access door.
  • These instructions are for a Standard Interface Module.

Follow this procedure to determine if the problem is in Ironton Telephone Company's line or in your inside wiring.

NID Wiring
  1. The Network Interface Device.
    1. Residential Services are located near the Electric Meter.
    2. If you do not have a Network Interface Device (NID) on the outside of the building.
      1. Check the basement rafters for an older style protector.
      2. Old ProtectorOld Protector 1
    3. Contact Ironton Telephone Company to report the trouble on the line.
    4. Tell the trouble specialist you have an older style protector.
      1. The trouble specialist will request to have the protector replaced with a Network Interface Device (NID).
    5. There will be NO CHARGE to the subscriber to install a new Network Interface Device (NID).
  2. Unscrew the Network Interface cover at the Customer Access point.
    1. Philips #1 Screwdriver
    2. Flat #1 Screwdriver
  3. Checking the Interface Connection.
  4. NID
    1. Disconnect the modular plug from the test jack.
      1. This will disconnect your inside wiring from Ironton Telephone Company's network.
    2. Check the plug and jack for signs of corrosion.
      1. If the jack or plug is corroded contact Ironton Telephone company for repair.
    3. Check the plug and jack for signs of blackened pins.
      1. This is a sign that a very strong Lighting Surge was able to pass through the NID.
        1. Contact Ironton Telephone company for repair.
  5. Wait 1 to 5 minutes, then plug in the base cord from the known working telephone.
    1. The Telephone is now connected directly to Ironton Telephone Company’s network.
      1. Make sure there is no damage to the telephone base cord.
        1. If the base cord is damaged, replace it before testing.
      2. Testing should be performed with a standard wired telephone set.
        1. A cordless or wireless base station requires power to operate and may not be available near the NID.
  6. Try to use the telephone.
    1. If the problem still exists, it is in Ironton Telephone Company's lines.
      1. Contact Ironton Telephone Repair.
    2. If the problem is gone, you're trouble is with your inside wiring, telephone equipment, or jacks.
      1. Inside wiring repair is the responsibility of the customer.
      2. You may make the repairs yourself, an electrician or someone else.
      3. You may contact Ironton Telephone Company.
        1. Additional fees may apply depending on your service agreement
  7. Check the wires on the terminals.
    1. Are the terminals tightened down?
      1. Tighten if required.
    2. Are any wires broken?
      1. Re-terminate if required.
        1. Refer to -Connecting To The Interface”.
    3. Are any bare wires touching other terminals?
      1. Remove any extra wire.
  8. Check the wires entering the NID.
    1. Verify there are no breaks, cracked insulation or any damage.
    2. If there is damage, this section of cable may need to be replaced.
      1. Contact an electrician for repair
      2. or contact Ironton Telephone.
        1. Additional fees may apply depending on your service agreement.
  9. When you have finished your test, disconnect your telephone and re-insert the original modular plug securely.
    1. Close the cover and screw the fastener down until the cover is tight.