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Network Quality

Connecting to the Interface

To install or repair your inside wiring at the Network Interface Device:

NID Cover

  • Stop SignBefore working on your phone lines, please read and understand the CAUTIONS.
  • Connection and Testing instructions are printed on the inside of the NID customer access door.
  • These instructions are for a Standard Interface Module.

Inside the Network Interface Device.

  1. Unscrew the Network Interface cover at the Customer Access point with a screwdriver and open.
    1. Refer to - Testing the Telephone Service .
  2. Disconnect your inside wiring from Ironton Telephone Company's lines by removing the modular plug from the jack.
  3. For a New Installation.
    1. Punch a hole through the grommet and pass the wiring through the hole.
    2. Route the wire up to the interface module.

Installing wires to a High Speed Internet Interface Module.

  1. Cut the desired pair evenly.
  2. Insert the 2 wires from the pair into the associated holes.

    HS Internet Module

  3. Make sure the wires reach the bottom of the connection holes in the module.
  4. Press the tab into the module to secure the wires and make a connection.
NID Wiring

Installing wires to a Standard Interface Module.

  1. Loosen the terminal screws on the customer wiring bridge one full turn.
  2. Strip off 3/4" of insulation from the wires you are using and connect them to the colored terminals.
  3. Wrap each wire clockwise between the washers on the screws in a hook fashion.

    Wire Ends

    1. There may be several wires connected to one set of terminal screws for a line.
    2. DO NOT place more then one wire between each washer.
      1. When tightened, the wires will cut into each other and may break in time
    3. Tighten the screws securely, then tuck the excess wire in the wiring trough.

Type of wire used:

4 wire cable

  • green wire to green terminal
  • red wire to red terminal
  • black wire to green terminal - for second line if used
  • yellow wire to red terminal - for second line if used

8 wire and 12 wire cables

  • white/blue to green terminal
  • blue/white to red terminal
  • white/orange to green terminal- for second line if used
  • orange/white to red terminal- for second line if used
Wire Ypes