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Network Quality

SIP Service Support

While it is recommended to use a qualified electrician, telephone technician and an IT professional for installation, troubleshooting and/or repairs, you may follow the steps listed below to troubleshoot on your own.

Basic SIP Devise Troubleshooting:

By finding the source of the problem, you will know whom to call to have the problem repaired.
  1. Check your Internet Connection.
    1. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is experiencing a service interruption, your SIP Services will not work as well.
      1. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for support.
    2. Ironton DSL customers:
      1. Refer to - "DSL Service Support".
  2. Check the connections to the SIP devise.
    1. Make sure the Patch Cable is connected to the Internet jack on the SIP Device.
    2. Analog Telephone Adapters.
      1. Refer to - "Analog Telephone Adapters (SPA)".
      Network Unavailable
    3. Yealink IP Telephones.
      1. The Screen of the Yealink phone will show "Network Unavailable" if the phone is not talking to the Local Area Network (LAN) and utilizes a power supply.
      2. The Yealink telephone will not power up if utilizing a Power Over Ethernet (POE) connection.
      3. Refer to - "Yealink IP Phones".
  3. Check the SIP Device for an IP address.
    1. Most SIP Device use DHCP to connect to the sites LAN.
      1. Verify the Switch and Firewall are functioning correctly.
      2. Contact your IT professional if required.
    2. Analog Telephone Adapters.
      1. Refer to - "Analog Telephone Adapters (SPA) - Checking the IP Address".
    3. Yealink IP Telephones.
      1. Refer to - "Yealink IP Phones".
    4. Unable to obtain an IP address on the internal network, proceed to step 4.
  4. Bypass the Internal Network.
    1. Plug the Sip device directly into Internet Service Provider's (ISP) (cable or DSL) modem.
    2. If the device obtains an IP address and registers, there is an issue with the sites internal network.
      1. Contact your IT professional to troubleshoot and repair.
    3. If the device does not obtain an IP address, repeat steps 2 & 3.
    4. If the device obtains an IP address and does not register, proceed to Registration Issues.
      1. Contact Ironton Technical Support if required.

Registration Issues:

  1. Verify Firewall & Router settings.
    1. Disable SIPALG.
  2. Verify Authentication Settings.
    1. Account ID.
    2. Service Password.
      1. Password is case sensitive.
    No Service
  3. Yealink IP Telephones:
    1. The screen of the Yealink telephone will show "No Service" if the phone is not registering to the SIP Switch.
    2. Refer to - "Registering Devices"
    3. Refer to - "Provisioning Server Setup"

Firewall Issues

  1. Required Ports.
    1. 5060, 5061 UDP
    2. 5070 TCP
    3. 35000-65000 UDP+TCP
  2. Consult your IT Professional to securely setup the Local Area Network equipment for proper SIP Signaling.