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Network Quality

Ironton DSL

About Digital Subscriber Lines

If you are looking for high-speed Internet access, we have just the thing. Ironton DSL can give you download speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

Imagine connecting to your favorite site on the Internet, at speeds ranging from 25 times faster to 300 times faster than dialup. What's more, you won't tie up your telephone line while you are surfing the net.

DSL technology uses your existing telephone line to bring you high-speed service without disrupting your normal dial tone line. Just log in and you are on - no dialing, no waiting.


Download speeds starting at 1Mbps up to 20Mbps
Dedicated, constant connection to the Internet
No need for an extra phone line.


Up to five (5) e-mailboxes are included with your Ironton Internet account. Click here for details on a PenTeleData e-mailbox.


Build your own website and let PenTeleData host it on the Internet. Included with your service, PenTeleData will provide you with web hosting and 50MB of storage – to tell the world about yourself, your family, and more. Our useful support section and personal support center will be glad to assist you in getting started. With this service, PenTeleData will give you access to see statistics on your storage space as well as notify you prior to reaching your storage limit. PenTeleData realizes the need for more for than 50MB of storage; therefore PenTeleData does not limit our disk space storage to 50MB. All users may store as much information as they wish. Users that average more than 50MB over a month will be charged $1.00 per MB/Month. As a courtesy, PenTeleData's system will make an effort to notify you when you are nearing 50MB of data in your storage location. Personal web pages are not for business use, click here for info on business web hosting.


Access to read and post to over 40,000 global public message forums included with Ironton DSL. All accounts automatically include up to 10 GB of file transfers per month. Click here for more details on PenTeleData Usenet Newsgroups.


  • Online account management - Securely control and change your account settings from any web browser.
  • Phone or e-mail based Tech Support - Unlimited technical support.
  • Phone or e-mail based customer service - Unlimited customer service.
  • VPN Compatible - Our connections are compatible with TCP/IP VPN's so you can use them to connect to your work or school from home.
  • Surf with style with this free browser pop-up ad blocking utility for Internet Explorer. Protect your privacy and block those annoying pop-up advertisement windows while surfing the net. This program is completely free, and does not require registration to use or download.