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Business Phone Systems - IPPBX

We have been installing telephony solutions into residences and business' for over 100 years. That's impressive the way we see it....

Ever hear of the following: Who, What, Where, Why, How, and How Much?
We have been working on these answers longer than anyone else in our industry. And it shows.

We know telephony isn’t just one solution anymore. We are now presented with many ways to do the same thing. But when looking closely we have found that one type of solution isn't always a good fit for every type of business. We research every customer until we find the right solution for your environment. Our sales process starts by getting the answers to these questions.

Let’s start with our approach to these questions.


Who are we talking to? We need to know your company. The history is important, but so is where you see your companies future. The 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year goals are extremely important when implementing a solution that is considered the front line of communications to your customers. Your customer's experience is as important as it gets and we understand that. Clearly identifying what you want for your customer's experience, is the first questions to answer. However, we never loose site of your employee’s experience too. If they can’t use it, then what good is it? They need to work efficiently and productively. Your telephony solution is key technology driving everyone’s experience for your business.


What do you need to accomplish with a telephony solution? When looking at the many solutions we offer, we understand each solution is unique but also alike. What are your specific tasks? Technologies like cell phone apps, queuing of calls, putting voicemail messages in your email, and instant messaging are solutions that will help answer the “What”. A great deal of time is spent to answer the “what’s” of our world and we are here to help you with that along the way.


Notifications are not just a light on a phone anymore. Where does your company need it? On the desk, on a cordless device, on your cell phone or even on your computer or tablet are all things to consider. All of these devices are easily deployed around the world. This can give your customers the experience of one company, one location, and one unified team.


Why do you need it? Sometimes this question is not answered or is not clearly understood. But if researched properly, why a technology is used may change depending on what is found. Understanding the answer to this question will help us understand how to be "cost effective".

After the first 4 questions are answered, we can move to the last two….


How do we get it implemented, is the most common question we tend to think of. That is very important. We expect to work closely together to implement any solution with minimum impact to your organizations flow. Our goal is to train and implement with no downtime for your company or business.

We must never forget the second “how”. How is the implemented solution supported and maintained? These two tie together. A good plan for any installation is a good plan to support it. The company you choose for your telephony solution is the most important decision you will make. We believe it’s a partnership and a relationship for years to come. After implementation, days may pass that we don’t talk or work together. Our idea of a good partnership is to have every communication as if we just spoke yesterday.

How much?

The last question is way too often the first question. It is so important to know it for obvious reasons. Join our sales staff and lets figure that one out together….

Ironton is confident that if you work with us through these questions, you will understand why we can support you and why we are confident you will have a solution that best fits your needs.


We believe any telephony solution Ironton offers should be easily understood. Here is chart outlining just a few of the feature to get us started on what is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully being a part of your business' success.

Phone System Comparison Guide
Avaya IP Office Solutions Allworx IP Solutions Hosted Phone Solution
Solution Description
Premise based Premise based Cloud based
Hybrid (Analog, Digital and IP) IP only  IP and Analog
Highest scalability with the most features Very cost affective purchased solution Low monthly serivce fees
Can be used with older building cablingwireing Requires Cat5e or better wiring Requires Cat5e or better wiring
Does not require a network for digital installions Network based Network based
Range of phones on a single solution 2 to 2500 1 to 180 1 to 50
(bandwidth dependent)
Multi-site integration (up to 10 systems) (up to 100 systems) Virtually unlimited
Lines and Line Services
Analog trunks Not Applicable
PRI trunks Not Applicable
SIP trunks
DID (Direct inward dialing)
System Features
Cell phone apps
Multi-Language support º
3rd party integration º
ACD (Automatic Call distribution) Basic Basic and Advanced º
Conference bridges 7 party on each phone
One 30 party bridge
3 party on phone
One 8 party bridge
Solution dependant
Integration to overhead paging
Support for 911 calling
Voicemail basic built in built in built in
Voicemail advanced (UM) separate system built in built in
Backlit screen
Call history directory
Caller ID
Call waiting
Conference calling
Distinctive ring
Do Not Disturb
Extension appearances
Gigabit IP phones
Hi-Fi Voice Handset
Intercom buttons
Multi-Voicemail box appearances º
One-touch day night modes º
Paging through speakers on the phones º
Park Limited
Power over Ethernet
Programmable feature keys
Redial button
Release key
headset port
Transfer button
Visual ring and call status indicator
Wall mountable